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The GeoGazebo® - A Geodesic Sun Shade Gazebo by DynaTek!


What is the GeoGazebo®?  

It is a fun way to add an intimate feeling to any outdoor gathering.   Transform the under-used portions of your property into a magnet for relaxation and outdoor comfort with this sturdy, permanently mounted, geodesic gazebo. Rope tie downs are unnecessary since steel foot brackets at the base of each leg anchor your unit to any surface.

The GeoGazebo® is a 12 Ft. diameter geodesic structure based on mathematical principles that until now have remained out of the consumer's reach.   Geodesic structures are amazingly strong for their weight and are found in such diverse places as the Carbon-60 atom and space structures!   The GeoGazebo® is the first mass produced gazebo to put this technology to work for the average consumer.   Now is your chance to own one.

At only $799 (plus $169 S&H)*, you can enjoy owning a modern 12 Ft. diameter gazebo that offers unsurpassed quality and durability.   Its restful nature will draw you back time and time again.

This is a finished product, knocked down for shipping.   No special tools are required for assembly, just a couple of wrenches and a few hours.   Half the fun of having this gazebo is the assembly.   It's fascinating to watch the geodesic dome take shape as you follow the simple instructions.   The GeoGazebo® makes a perfect sunshade with its unique design.   It is a fun way to stay cool and looks good anywhere.   The GeoGazebo® is semi-portable, allowing you to locate it in various places around your home or business.   Just decide on a new location, move it, anchor it, and you are ready for your next party or promotional event.

Whether the area to be covered is used for seating or for serving food and drink, the GeoGazebo® will heighten the feeling of festivity by bringing a splash of color to your garden or patio area.   Perhaps you have a special location in mind where soothing shade on a hot summer afternoon would be welcome.

Anchor your GeoGazebo® to your patio, deck, or pool area, utilizing the included steel foot brackets, screws and drill bit for wood or concrete.   On grassy areas the steel foot brackets are easily staked to the ground. Whether you have a permanent location in mind or changeable needs, mounting the GeoGazebo® to any surface is simple and headache free.

Without a GeoGazebo®, the sun often limits outdoor entertaining to either early morning or late afternoon hours.   With the GeoGazebo® you can transform your brightest and hottest areas into a pleasant place to entertain and relax anytime.

The GeoGazebo® will protect your outdoor furniture from harmful UV rays.  Your outdoor plants that need protection from direct sunlight will really appreciate the GeoGazebo®.

You can always count on DynaTek's quality control and craftsmanship.  DynaTek has successfully tested the durability of the structure and the vinyl fabric panel system during seasonal changes.   The 12 Ft. GeoGazebo® structure is made of white PVC and will last for years with minimal care.  All parts are weather and UV resistant including the vinyl fabric panels.   The GeoGazebo® comes with stainless steel bolts for corrosion resistance.   The GeoGazebo®'s superior craftsmanship is guaranteed and is covered by warranty.   This attractive geodesic gazebo is delivered UPS right to your door!

Each GeoGazebo® is shipped with dark green vinyl fabric panels that attach to the underside of the geodesic roof.

Treat yourself to a lot of luxury for a little price.   For only $799 (plus $169 S&H)*, you can own this versatile gazebo and begin discovering all of its many uses this season.

Order your GeoGazebo® now by calling toll-free 1-888-689-8809.  Use your MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Card.


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The GeoGazebo® - A Geodesic Sun Shade Gazebo by DynaTek!

The New Geodesic Sun Shade Gazebo

By Dynatek Corporation